The Complete History of the U.S. Navy SEALs"
From the "History Channel", put together with REAL UDT men and SEAL TEAMers, 
was presented a true and important story of Non Conventional Naval Warfare!

The following is MY "Review" of the Documentary, I am one Very Grateful American!!!

** I Saw it!!!!**  It is an Excellent Work!  **  You can hear and see REAL NCDU
men, REAL UDT men, and REAL SEALs tell numerous brief accounts of the work they
did!!  Starting with the NDCU TEAMs, the history was smoothly moved along to the 
UDT's, then to the SEAL TEAMs!  Missions and topics that were covered during this
documentary include:
  1. BUD/S Training: The most severe test to identify the No Quitter UDT/SEAL!
  2. Normandy Landing in WW2; 
  3. Pacific Campaign against Japan in the same War;
  4. Korean War;  '50 - '53
  5. Cuban Missile Crisis, (Where Roy Boehm's brand New SEALs
      were standing ready for an invasion that never happened, yet they
      did recon of Cuba anyway);
  6. Vietnam War '62-'72 (The crucible that forged the modern Combat
      Commando- the U.S. Navy SEAL!);  Narration provided by
      many SEALs who served in it!
  7. Space Capsule security after ocean landings;
  8. Antiterrorist Team: ST6; (narrated by its founding commander)!
  9. Granada '83;
10. Persian Gulf '87-'88 (Desert Shield); 
11. Panama- '89-'90 the Noriega capture;
12. Persian Gulf War (Freeing Kuwait) '90-'91;
13. Somalia '93, and:
13. Space (The international Space Station under construction
      will be commanded by a SEAL!!)

What made this 2 hour program so special to me were the stories told
by the "crusty ole" Naval NDCU/UDT/SEAL "Frogmen" Veterans who 
were willing to sacrifice their lives for America, and; through great training,
skill, cunning, and even pure luck, lived to tell about it today in person!!. 
These  brave men throughout the whole film showed that they are
a quiet but proud community, yes, these Retired Men-o-Warsmen. 
They earned the right to be called "Frogmen", not only in training,
but also in the conduct of their often top secret missions.  For a
listing of the Brave Veterans who participated by sharing some
of their experiences in the program, click here!

I sincerely encourage you to obtain a copy of this documentary
from the History Channel!!  It's dedicated to those who fell as
warrior-patriots who loved their country and selflessly and
honorably served it!   I saw the film and decided to share this
impression page of how it affected me.  I greatly respect and
appreciate this small group's contribution throughout history
to get the job done regardless of the challenges assigned!!
A lot of what is drilled into today's "tadpoles" in training had to be
developed and tested in combat over time by what the men before
them learned while making the history this documentary covered! 

Let's all hope we never have to repeat or even pioneer new history
under wartime conditions!  One thing I'm very glad of, people of
America, people who cherish our land's freedom;  It is the fact
that SEALs are here and ready...All over the Globe ...Just In Case
...some national agenda begins to try to take this freedom from us!!

A message to Active duty Senior Enlisted and Officers training new SEALs!
There is a Serious Attrition occurring across all the US Armed Forces, so:

I strongly urge any experienced man in the TEAMs today to stay
busy preserving the traditions and capabilities of the SEALs' future
by NOT leaving the service of their country to enter lucrative careers
in Industry (Or other "excuses") just yet, until the job of
passing on
what you know to the oncoming next generation is completed..if you go
too early, there can be no readiness for combat if the future men are not
made ready!!.  If you want SEALs to exist in the future, and want to ensure
the safety of your and fellow American families from the future terrible 
"fruits" of Terror based nationalisms, (or whatever comes), please don't 
QUIT the TEAMs! Train those young men under you and train them as 
well as you were taught!