Roster of Men in the TEAMs who appeared in
"The Complete History of the U.S. Navy SEALs"

    Listed below are some of the Brave Veterans appearing in the Documentary
    who shared their accounts in the "Complete History of the U.S. Navy SEALs". 
    Many others served just as valiantly, but, perhaps due to the compressed
    format of this special production, they did not appear in the documentary. 
    Let the Patriots in America
also salute their service to our country!! 
    Listed, by approximate order of appearance, are the men who were part
    of the histories provided.
Shown are Ranks followed by Names and TEAM(s):

LCDR    V.C. Meyer                               SEAL
LT          E.F. "Andy" Andrews              UDT
Gov        James Janos (Jesse Ventura)   UDT
RADM   Thomas R. Richards                 UDT/SEAL
PO          Joe Hawe                                  UDT/SEAL
CPO       James "Hoot" Andrews           UDT/SEAL
CAPT     Joseph Maguire                        UDT/SEAL
CPO        Barry Enoch                             UDT/SEAL
MCPO    Rudy Boesch                             Scouts/Raiders/UDT/SEAL
PO          Jacob Woroniecki                     SEAL
ENS        Erick Petersen                          SEAL
CAPT     Rick Wooland                           UDT/SEAL
CAPT     Tom Tarbox                              UDT/SEAL
MCPO    Denny Chalker                          SEAL
LTJG      Barry McCabe                          UDT
PO           Edwin Ashby                             UDT
LT           Mike Thornton                          SEAL
PO          Curtis Williams                          SEAL
PO          Harry Humphries                       UDT/SEAL
PO          Frank Toms                               UDT/SEAL
PO          Dee Vanwinkle                           UDT
LT          Joseph D. Martino                      NCDU/UDT/SEAL
CAPT     Francis Kaine                             NCDU/UDT
PO          Charles Q. Lewis                        NCDU/UDT
PO          Bill Dawson                                NCDU
CDR       Robert P. Marshall                    UDT
CAPT     Jack  Tomlinson                         UDT
PO          Frank Meder                              UDT
CDR       Francis Douglas Fane                UDT
SCPO     Lou DeLara                                UDT/SEAL
CAPT     Norman Olson                            UDT/SEAL
LT          George Atcheson                        UDT
PO          Rodney Griggs                           UDT
MCPO    Bill Bruhmuller                          UDT/SEAL
CAPT     William M. Shepard                   SEAL    (The Astronaut)
LCDR     John Callahan                            UDT/SEAL
LCDR     Roy Boehm (First SEAL)           UDT/SEAL
CAPT     Bill Hamilton                               UDT/SEAL
SCPO     James "Patches" Watson           UDT/SEAL "Pointman"
CDR       Richard Marcinko             UDT/SEAL "Rogue Warrior"
LT           Phillip "Moki" Martin                UDT/SEAL
PO          Gene Petersen                              SEAL
PO          Greg McPartlin                            Corpsman/SEAL
CAPT     Bob Gormly                                  UDT/SEAL
PO          Mark Stephanich                         SEAL
LCDR    W.T. "Duke" Leonard                 UDT/SEAL
WO        Randy L. Beausolell                     SEAL
PO         David Holmdahl                            Corpsman/SEAL
RADM   Raymond L. Smith                        UDT/SEAL
RADM   Thomas Steffans                           SEAL
PO          Dave Maynard                              SEAL

NOTE!!  Kevin Dockery was narrating in the film as a Historian of Naval technology.  
Although not a SEAL or UDT member himself, Mr. Dockery does a fairly decent job
in documenting all the SPECWAR History in the media of news, print and film!