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Bob Hope: THANKS INDEED for the Memories!!!  (BTW---Bob Hope made 100 on May29, 2003!!!!!!!)
Resolution maker!
RD Mercer MP3's
Roy D. Mercer
Pyth On Line
Sick Call Excuse Generator
Power of Stupidity
Laughing Gas:  Not the NO2 Anesthesia either LOL!
Humor Project
Melvin Durai: Humorist  who says he was born in India, raised in Zambia, and brainwashed in America :)
Computer Features you might be able to enjoy!
The LAST Web page???   Mirror
Office Pranks at "Wally's"
Tech Support Humor
Totally Useless Info
Just a humor page
50 things about men
Urban Adventure: Behind the Keep Out sign
Urban Explorers
Beanie Vacation
Ironic Times
Carnac the Magnificent
Dull Men
Human Spell Check
Comics Com
Jerry King Toons
Humor Net
Hell hath no Fury like a blonde joke victim!
The 20 Thinnest Books List !!
Facial Manipulator
Tackiest Places in the world poll
Urban Legend Generator
Bad Sideburns Museum
Groaner Links (PUNS)
Puns of Science can be found here!
U Comics
Excuses? Find them here!
Arse suction humor
Post Modern Panic Encyclopedia
Strange Things from Vending Machines
Mike the Headless Chicken
Bizarre Science Experiments
Humournet Mailing List
Darwin Awards!
Desperate Times News
Mr Teapot Reflections
Redneck Jokes
Cupcake Canasta E-Zine
Toilet Paper Debate
Random Factoid Trivia of Useless Knowledge
Great GRY Riddle Solved
Monty Python On Line
Your FBI Photo in seconds!
The Great "Peanuts" is Online
Peanuts' Last Comic Strip Day: 2-13-00  
We will surely miss Charles Schultz!
National Lampoon
Jester 2.0 Selectable Humor
Bad Fads
Sam Kinison Official Memorial Web 
Kinison's Eatery: A restaurant with spirits by Bill Kinison, Sam's brother
Comedy on Tap
Zippy the Pinhead
Stress Relief Fishing Page
Internet Bumper Stickers
Seuss Trek!!
Truth or Tabloid:  Trivia /Fact / Fiction
TCS Hot Dog Page
Patently Absurd
Thumbnail Pics For the Naughty You
Prank Mail Unedited
The MouthPiece
Infomercial Lovers Guide
Lipstick Librarian
Some  Murphy's Law  Webs
Looney Toons
London Times Cartoons: Panel Hollywood
Premier Web Toons
Emoticomic Toons :) Web Comic with Attitude!
Computer Tech Fun And Jokes
Minus Y2K
Crash Alert
Wacky Patent of the Month
NJ Cow Cam (Taking pics at Alloway NJ Pasture)
Billboard Danger Zone
PI Cafe
Center For The Easily Amused
Life's Little Annoyances
Dull Mens Club! Think You Qualify??
Have a Nice Day
Answering Machine Messages From Cyberspace
Fax Food
National Cuff Link Society
Demotivators Posters
Strange Internet Facts
Ribbon-O-Matic For Idiots    WebGurus Com
Gory Glory Hallelujah: Destroy The Glory Beanie Baby!
Rubber Chicken!
First Time: Virginity Lost!
Lost Dog..If you're wife is this big, this can happen!
Crazy Joe's Internet Bungee Jump
Ad Graveyards
Southern Word Site
Family Black Sheep Support Group LOL
Camp Yucky! (Registration required)
World's Best Bubble Wrap
Lip Balm Anonymous..Geeez
Black Hole Of The Web
Cartoonery.Com Political Cartoons!
Clinton Will Adjust To The Rock?
Comedy On Tap!!
CRACKED! Mag :)))
HobNob Inn
We have Days Like This! But This Is A
Dog's Version of Murphy's Law!
DisInformation Web
Backwards Web: LOL
George Goble Extended Web Page: Geez
The Mouse Gets Even!
Check Out His Cursor Pointing Device!! LOL!!
Funny Pics Site (Where I Got The above URL)
The Net Enquirer Parody!
Don Rickles The Hockey Puck Award
Write Your Own Plot!!!
The Worst Movies Ever
Contentless "Empty Web"
Waffle Page
Work Pranks: Got Any? Here's A Bundle!
No Clown Zone
Bad Fads
King Features Syndicate
Quirks Newspaper
Cafe Tombstone:
Strange Pics Of Famous People
Get Your Automatic Insanity Idiom Extruder!Not For Easily Offended!
Bizarre Stuff Can Be Made In The Kitchen!
Jitterbug Fantasia
Comedy Zone
Toy Trunk Railroad
Absurdistan: Wierdness World!
404 Not Found Is Found :)
Disgruntled: Work Humor Cyberzine!
KrazyKerth Is For Rent!
Stare Down Sally!
Creators Comics
The Laugh In :)
"Dancing Baby" Site
The Famous "Dancing Baby"Mirror Site
Saddam Hussein Photo Gallery
The Cereal Mascot Conspiracy
Useless Trivia Page
Pokey Page: A Kid & His Defended Web
Useless Information Page
Amazing Water Cooler Page
Bizarre Word Game: Acrophobia!
Activity To Try: Face Morphing Lab!
Uglies Boxer Page
Mr BEAN Official Website!
BEAN: The Movie Website!
Amazing Prehistoric Dogs
Danny Cheng's Coke Can Collection
Gallery Of Advertising Parody!
Chayne Letters
A Joke Page: Things Could Be Worse :)
The Mentos Faq
Why AOL Sucks
Dilbert Zone
Internet Oracle Research Index
Heckler Online
Zippy Meets Meta-HTML
The WWWF Grudgement Day!
The Onion: UGI's Funniest Site on The Internet
The Ultimate Snobsite!
An Alternative To The Elite MENSA Few:
999 of 1000 Qualify For Membership!
World's Ugliest URL!!
Check Out These Wild Images!
Rants & Riffs
Abuse-A-Thon!! Don Rickles Dreamed This One Up??!! Geez!!
TechnoWeenie HotDog Site
Socioethnoarcheopsychology of Hot Dogs!!:
Includes Politi-Babble Generator!!! Rants & Riffs Forever!!
A Vending Machine Experience! For News That Didn't happen!!
Jerry Lewis Comedy: Entertainments's Clown Prince!
Ant Cam: Trying to Be The Ant Faq Site?
TV Single Dads Hall Of Fame!
Ka-BOOM! Comic Book Words Dictionary!
The Internet Squeegee Guy!
WebCurmudgeon: Look Out if Your Web Is on His List! <G>
Nathan Mate's Humor Archives
WWW OhMyGoodnessCom
A Likeness of "BR" ("Big Red" to Those In-The-Know, HeHeHe)
Strange News Of Doubtful Verity And Veracity
C/Net Parody!!

"Grave or "Gallows Humor"
Virtual Pet Cemetary!
Find Graves Of The Rich & Famous!
The Death Clock: Counting Your Time!
The Dead People's Server Wants You!
Killer Fonts made from Real Killers:Yuk!
Taphophiles -- Lovers Of Cemeteries As Cultural Artifacts
Political Graveyard
Back Yard Archaeologist: What Permit??
Rid Him Of His Curse!
Get A Pass To Kevorkian's From
Doonesbury Town Hall Satire
Ultimate TV Humor: "The Honeymooners" Website Tribute!
Economist Jokes
Hasta La Vista Search

Some More Humorous Sites
Dilbert Quotes
JokeMaster Dot Com
Marriage Names For Some Couples :)
Put Downs By Famous People!
Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum Page!!
Psychiatric Hotline
Arianna Online: White House Humor
Stress Doc: Humor Is Definitively Therapeutic!!
Royal Scandals: How They Made Their Messes
Web Home Of Penn & Teller
Web Parody Home Page
White House Parody!
"DeMOCKracy": Political Humor"
Y'!! Webzine of the South!
Trash Cans Of Disney
Dead Frogs Website
Tabloid News!
Mob Speak: Learn the Gotti Way
Dark Mob Humor: Free Gotti Tribute:
This site is Funny Until They Come A-Calling For You!
The Laugh Page
Top Ten Humor Site Reviews
RodneyDangerfield Home Page    Some Favorite RD Jokes
Swingline Stapler Owner's Group
The Infamous Smiley Face On Mars
Bringing Down Detroit: A Demolition Implosion Page
Cheesy Jokes On the Net: You've Been Warned!
Abort, Retry, Ignore!-A perspective!
For the Fratter Chatter! Meet Greeks!
April Fool's! E-Mail Gags Galore!
RubberChicken Phony E-Mail Service!
The More (Or Less) Hon.Billy Bob Cyber Congressman
Humor On The Net
The Three Stooges Sights and Sounds Page!!
Nick Net: Nickelodeon Web: Bring Speed & Java Browser!

Laugh-A-Lot *Clean* Jokes
Aces And Eights Society Page
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonist Index!
Hecklers on Line
More Stuff About More Stuff!
Nerd World Media-Humor and Games
Humor Net-UK
Funny Web Women
Oracle Service Humor Archives

Stress Relieving Games!
Lose Your Marbles

Here Are Some Different Funny Sites!

Cow-Tipping Page
Obscure Patents
Virtual Barge Pub: Crop Circle Socialization
Totally Absurd Inventions!
Your Gross & Yucky Body
Angry Internet Man
Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets
Head Shrinking Fun At Grrl!
Bird Diapers Featherware!
What's In His Desk Drawer Or Her Purse!
Toiletology!! Website Toilet Training!! :-))
Nick's Page of Extreme Yo (YoYo Expertise!)
Hot Air!: The Annals Of Improbable Research!
Roadkill Page
Rubberband Ball Page
Beanie Bashers Club
DirtWeb: Dirt Samples!
Adam's Fox Box
The Shrine To Toast! Talk About Weird ;-)
Oscar Wilde's Views Quote Generator
Gallery of The Absurd
How-To On Computer Un-Repair!!
The Page for the Diastema Challenged
JimJr's Classy Classic Collectibles Humor Page
Tracey's Phart Pharm
American Flatulators
Burpathon: Volunteer Yours!
Potbellied Men of America: A Tradition
Fatty Arbucklemania
People Against Poodles!
Internet Addiction Disorder
Mr. ShowBiz Vocabulary Builder
Bizarre News
Laugh Your A**
The Nerdity Test! - Do You "Measure Up"???"
The Stupid Page: Yeah, there is such a Thing!
Jokes 4 U
Corporate Reciprocal Advertising Program (CRAP)
MINING Guide To Political Humor
Energetic Cyber Pets
Check out Betty Boop's Fan Club Home Page;-)
Betty Boop's Links Page!
A Michigan Betty Boop Fan Club
Build Your Own Cat! Interactive Cats Page!
Humor on The World's #1 Cyber Conqueror
Go here if you have the normal office heirarchy :)

Seems Gary Larson has competition,
but this site doesn't use animals impersonating people!!
Tragic Falls Tour

Political Satire!
Capitol Steps
Organization to help the humorless
Political Humor Page

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Funny harmless Java Age Checker
Naked Women

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April Fools Day: Gas Price Parody

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