Chief James "Patches" Watson

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"The Pointman"
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QMCS James D. Watson, III

USN Retired Plankowner of SEAL Team 2
His life in Navy SPEC OPS began in Class 23 UDTR.  He served 3 Tours in Vietnam
as a point man for SEAL Team 2, after serving in UDT 21, and reached the rank of
"E-8" Senior Chief Petty Officer / Quartermaster Rate.  His SEAL Daddy was 

Roy Boehm, First SEAL.
He served as Rogue Warrior Richard Marcinko's Point Man
 in SEAL team 2.  He is founder / plankowner of TEAM ZERO!   (Nightscribe is a former "Member"!)
He is an author of two Non-Fiction Books about his Vietnam Tours, and four Novels.
He is a teacher of SEAL and Ranger Snipers, He advised and trained Police SWAT Teams!
BTW I had the honor of meeting this great patriot at his home. 
See my mini-album on when Nightscribe visited the Chief "Patches" Watson.
An extra special picture, shown by permission of the Chief:
Patches with Carlos Hathcock and  The Rogue Warrior: Demo Dick