Gallagher Ancestry

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A Quote From the Clan Gallchobhair's WW Page :

"Gollaher;  Gallagher; Gallaher; and variations:

From the Place of Gathering for the
generations of the Gallchobhair, descendant
of Niall of the Nine Hostages, high king
in Ireland, and progenitor of the most senior
sept of the Cineal Conell, the lands now
known as County Donegal, Ireland."  

The Meaning Of The Gallagher Name

Gallagher -- In Gaelic O Gallchobhair, with over twenty
different versions in English, the name means 'descendant of the
brave victor', (indicating the Irish Gaelic Origins

Gallagher Ancestral Certificate:

Tune: Gallagher's Frolic  Music Tablature