Ronan Tynan

Excellent Living Example of Attitude and Determination!!

Tenor Ronan Tynan hails from Kilkenny.  His story is an example of dogged
perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.  Ronan, a twin,
whose brother died at the age of 11 months, was afflicted with lower leg problems
in his early years until after an accident at the age of 20, the decision was made
to amputate both of his lower limbs. While this would be enough to wreck most
people’s lives, it created in Ronan a tremendous desire to prove himself. Within
12 months, he began winning medals at disabled games meetings and between
1981 and 1984 he amassed 18 gold medals and 14 world records at such international
meetings.   He then went on to become the first disabled person to be admitted in
to the National College Of Physical Education in Limerick followed by training
in medicine in Trinity College, Dublin, leading to his current position as a Medical
Practitioner in Kilkenny specializing in Sports Injuries.  When he turned 30, he
started taking voice lessons and again his natural talent shone through.  In 1992,
he won the John McCormack Cup for Tenor Voice which helped lead to master
classes with the famous Italian tenor Ugo Benelli in Genoa.  His rapid rise to prominence
led to Sony Music Ireland offering him a recording deal and now his debut album is
a Top 10 hit in Ireland.  He took part in the 3 Irish Tenors Concert in the RDS in Dublin.
Though hampered by disability early in life, the remarkable story of Ronan Tynan is
an inspiration to all. Few artists are so worthy of the success they receive.
Ronan is one who deserves all this and more.
Source: CD Ireland (Same site I got his album, pictured above, DET IT!!! It is BEAUTIFULLY SUNG!!!)

Quote of Inspiration!!
"I want people to realize that regardless of what infirmity or disability, it should
never stop you doing what you want to do. You can make your mind strong enough
to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.  Make deal with yourself to take
risks, because when you do and it comes out right, boy it's some buzz!!"
- Ronan Tynan,
stated from the Jacket Liner of the album "My Life belongs to You"

More on Ronan from the same album:

"Ronan Tynan is quite simply an extraordinary man, an indefatigable character whose physical
disabilities only served to spur him on to greater things.  Born 38 (now around 40) years ago with
an ankle deformity, Ronan eventually had both his legs amputated at age 20.  In spite of this,
Ronan became the first disabled person to graduate from Thomond College of Physical Education,
clinched multiple golds at the 1984 Disabled Olympics, qualified as a Medical Doctor and then,
to crown it all, won the final of the RTE/BBC "Go for it" talent show in 1993 - a win that that was
to precipitate a whole new career in music.  Ronan has appeared in opera in the UK and Ireland,
he has sung for Luciano Pavarotti, and in May 1998, completed his debut album "My Life Belongs
to You".   Ronan captures the spirit of a driven man, a powerhouse who simply doesn't know how
to say die!  In August 1997, he became the first double amputee ever to qualify and compete in
the Dublin Horse Show - and he's not finished yet - Ronan wants to ride at Aintree".

My recommendation - NEVER bet against Ronan in a situation he endeavors to challenge!

His Autobiography is due to be published Feb 2001:
"Stages: From an Irish Village to the Concert Halls of the World, 
My Life as a Tenor"

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