Philosophy of the First SEAL on Rewards :)

This is about a man who created the toughest group of
warriors, who made them in his "Man-o-Warsmen"
deadly image!!  He lead his men from the front, and his 
philosophy on acceptance of public credit
  is simple:

"Give my men all the credit; I'll take the blame!!!!"

This extraordinary man, who is the First U.S. Navy SEAL, is Roy Boehm!

I asked him if he got to keep his SEAL equipment upon being piped
"over the side" into the land of retirement, and I received this as his reply:

"Rich,  All I left with were my scars, and  memories.  Anything else would
have been another courts marshal.  I really hated to give up the Rolex we
kept the time with, in some bad assed places.  The Teams deeds and mine
are like footprints in the sand; gone with the next wave.     Roy"

Some special pictures of the First SEAL