Navy SEALs who earned the Medal of Honor!!

(These three are all retired and are Vietnam Veterans):

LT.JG Joseph Robert Kerrey
Bio & Citation

Lt. Thomas Rolland Norris


PO Michael Edwin Thornton

Thornton is the only man to win the MOH for
saving the life of another MOH Winner (Norris)!

Source: Home of

Copies of the three men's citations


SEALs with Medal of Honor posthumously awarded:

A smiling man in military uniform

MA2 Michael Anthony Monsoor
(IRAQ War)



Michael Murphy in tan and brown desert camouflage looking at the camera. He is wearing several pieces of green military combat gear and is holding a weapon. There is a hill behind him covered in rocks, dirt and sticks.

Lt. Michael Patrick Murphy
(Afghanistan conflict, Operation "Redwing")


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