Bipolar Disorder Resources
This Bipolar/Manic-Depression Page is to assist the reader in locating
the appropriate WebSites that deal directly with the subject of Bipolar
Disorder (BD). There are several support groups available that focus on
the BP condition, its treatments, and maintenance. There are chat
channels and ftp servers dedicated to the purposes of keeping Bipolar
people informed on updates in their treatment, and to get support.
Often, these Websites provide stories and poems written by Bipolar people.
National Mental Health Service Knowledge Exchange
Mental Health Net: For All Things Mental
The Port Society
The Port Society's "Ultimate Virus List"
Check out The Port Society's Jokes Page!
Bipolar Page at Open Directory Project
Tracker's Eclectica (He Edits Open Directory Bipolar Page)
Pendulum Resources: The MoodSwing Disorder Help Site
Mood Swings are Symbolically Depicted by a Pendulum:
University of Pittsbugh's Health Sciences
DRADA: Johns Hopkins University Center
Library-Psych/Mental Illnesses
General Neuorolgical Disorders Poetry From Harvard Site, Home of the:
BPSO Bipolar Significant Other Support Page
Stanley Center for Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file
Nederlandse Stichting voor Manisch Depressieven
Manic-Depressive Illness' Relation to Creativity
Psybernut's Home Page (aka Bipolar Bear)
The Uni/Bipolar Disorders Page
Ivan's Depression/BP/etc Page
A Manic Depression Primer
Bipolar Children And Teens
Joy Ikelman's Bipolar page
Mercurial Madness
Rollercoaster Days
The Phunny Pharm
Riding the Cyclone
Bipolar Planet
NDMDA National Page
MDDA - Boston
MDMDA - Austin
The Criteria For Bipolar Disorder Diagnostics
European ICD-10 Classifications of Mental And Behavioural Disorders
SLACK Psychiatric Annals
Emory University Dept Of Neorology
NAMI: National Alliance For Mentally Ill
NMHA National Mental Health Asociation
National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association / Depression Resources!
Internet Mental Health
Walkers In Darkness Support Web

An Excellent Friend's Website (Not presenting BP links,
but has an information brokering business going :)))