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Fast Search: All the web!

Find Out the facts / urban legends at Snopes, if you hear /read / smell a rumor!
Alpha SEARCH at Calvin

Start Page: Secure encrypted search without nuisance cookies or spyware

Ref Desk
Wise Nut Search-No Spam sites they say!
Fast / DeNovo replaced Inference Find
Safe Web: Secure Surfing
Pro Fusion Beta
Fast Facts
Map Net 3D web search
Tutorial Find!!  Find Tutorials ALL over the NET!
The Big Hub
Invisible Web: 10,000 Databases Search Engine
Top Click: A privacy supportive engine: No Cookies!
Top Click
Abyan Portal
Search Engine Watch
Complete Planet
World Skip
Guru Net
IX Quick  Secure search
C4 Parallel Search Technology Engine
Cyber 411
Cyborg's Cybersphere
Encyclopedia Britannica Web
Reporter's Desktop
FAQ Finding!
Raging Search
Usenet FAQ by Category
Search IQ
Pro Fusion Intelligent Search
Search Zone: From Beginners to Advanced Surfing!
1Blink MetaSearch
The Info Meta Search
Search Tools and Directories by Gary Price
Dog Pile Multi-Search
Global Search: Orientation
Langenberg MultiTopic Search Engines
Alpha Gateway Search
My Search Engines Collection Page
The Ultimate Links Site: Info-S.Com!!
Information Please Almanac Fact Finder
Totally Trivia Search Engine
World Pages: Find Anyone & Anything (They Say)
Federal Find-It! "The Federal Gateway"
The Bible Search Engine Gateway
Thunderstone Search Engine
WebBound: 60,000+ Sites In 550 Categories!
"Momma": Claimed as "Mother of Search Engines"
Arthur (ART media and text HUb and Retrieval System)
Northern Light Technology
Starting Point
All the Web Fast Search
ZDNet Web Search User
ZDNET Yahoo Internet Life Link Hot List
Search Engine Watch
Alta Vista
Excite at Home
Ask Jeeves
Monkey Sweat
Direct Hit
Hot Bot
Go To
Humor Search
Savvy Search
Emergency Net: Serious! All purpose Find it Tools
The Big Hub Mega-Search
Virtual Desktop Searcher : Save Favorites on the screen
Did You Know??
Search MSN

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Supersites of Knowledge Links
Ref desk

Truth or Rumor?
Are you getting strange stories on the net that you don't believe?
Then check out:
Truth or Fiction

Hoax Slayer
Urban Legends ( site)

Last resort, Rumor-Checker: But go there ONLY if you trust the 2 super-extreme liberals who run it:
"Snopes":  Urban Legends Reference Pages

Evaluate Search Engines:
Bare Bones 101

Search Engines for Children:
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Yahooligans: Guide for Kids

Find Electronic Industry Company Phone Numbers and Websites!!
EITD Directory

Be Alerted by E-Mail when a topic of Interest pops up!
Northern Lights Search

Want to have Others answer your questions?
Look Smart Live
Find the Experts

Looking for Pictures of anything?

Surf Off line!
WebZip offline browser

GREAT Books!

Find People!
Bookmark it here!
Who is
Who is
AnyWho Directory Services
Lycos WhoWhere
People Spot
MESA Meta E-Mail Search Agent!
Professional "Find A Person" / "Find A Public Record" Site
Find A Grave: Where Some People Are buried
1800US Search
International Telephone Directory
Area Decoder

Find the Association you want yet? Try this!
Association Central

"Find Your Roots": A Great Many Links:
Cyndi's List Of Genealogical Sites On The Internet

Search Engines If You Haven't Had Enough!
Britannica-Newsweek: Best 130,000+ Internet Sites Rated
Categorized Random Links
All Search Engines .com
Web Brain 3D Search
Search Engine Watch
Internet Stats!
How To: All-Purpose Info!
Roadway's Small Business Resource Center
Roadway's SBRC Search Engine Listing
AOL Search
Netscape Search
Apple/Mac Engine: Sherlock 2
IHarvest Web Organizer
Phone Area Code Finder

Visit the DMOZ Open Directory Project!
One of their cooled sites is found here :)

Driving Directions!
Internet Oracle: Maps & Directions
Find What Cities are in What Area Code!

Terraserver: I found my birthplace building here! You can find almost anyplace!

My Travel Web links (More listed therein)

Find-It Software
Copernic Free Engine Software
Search Strategems
Tutorial on Web Search Strategies
Keep Track of Traced sites
Intelliseek Bullseye 2: Free Download!

Find Something positive!!
Positive Press Sayings Search
All-In-One Bible Resource

Find Trivia!
Absolute Trivia Search Engine

Music, Books, Things!
Barnes and Noble
EBay: Auction for Anything!
Arts Journal

Experts to find what you need!
XPert Site

Get a Time and Date here :)